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By making a purchase from our site, you agree to the terms of use so make sure you read them.

Terms are subject to change at any time. 


  • All payments are securely processed through Paypal. Paypal accepts credit/debit cards and e-checks. If you are paying with an e-check, it must clear Paypal before any work is to begin.
  • You are purchasing a license to use the products that are sold at Scrapless Creations.  You do not own the products that you purchase.
  • Due to the nature of the design products offered, no refunds will be issued.  All sales are final. If you decide not to go through with your transaction, your payment is not refundable since I have a lot of time invested into your site design.
  • We only sell our web designs to family friendly sites.  We reserve the right to refuse service to any site that we determine does not qualify as a family friendly site.
  • Nothing on our site is free to take...everything is copyrighted.
  • If you are purchasing product adds....After I add your products to your website, it is up to you to make sure all the info I added is correct before you take orders for those products...example...prices, sizes, quanities, description, etc.
  • If you are purchasing a custom template you will be given 2 revisions for free.  Any revisions after that will be $30 per revision and is paid up front before another revision is made.  After your template layout is agreed upon by you and I install it, your custom design is considered complete and no more revisions will be made.
  • If you are purchasing the premade template and you choose to install it yourself, you will receive the html code for the template and the graphics.  There are no refunds after you purchase it...even if you can't get it installed.
  • Some custom template packages come with my setting up categories and sub categories and adding products.  Please notice that it says adding up to a set number.  If you don't have that many products or categories, you will not be given a refund for unused ones.  Product info for products to be added must be given to me within 2 weeks of your template being installed.  After I add your products to your website, it is up to you to make sure all the info I added is correct before you take orders for those products...example...prices, sizes, quanities, description, etc.
  • The item purchased must be used as it is sold....ex. if you purchase a website design, you can only use it for your website, not an auction template or a newsletter template or anything else. You cannot separate the graphics and use them on other projects.
  • If purchasing a template, you can only use the template on the website url that it was designed for.  Your template cannot be transferred to another site without permission from me.
  • You cannot put your template on more than one site.
  • If purchasing a design that you are going to be printing postcards, business cards, or any other items to print -- please proof your graphic before you have your items printed.  Once your graphic is sent to print, you agree that it is error free and Scrapless Creations is not liable for any errors found after printing.  If you find an error prior to sending them for printing, I will be happy to fix the error before you print them.  The cost of designs for print includes up to 2 revisions from the original sample that I send you.  Any extra revisions beyond 2 will cost $10 per revision (unless it is a spelling error on my part).
  • Our designs for print are made to be uploaded to Vista Print, we cannot guarantee how they will look with home printing.
  • When purchasing template, you have the option to purchase 'MATCHING' advertising banners that are shown as a preview on the template.  No changes to these 'matching' banners will be made.
  • If you are purchasing banners from our banner category, the cost includes 2 revisions from the original sample that I send you.  Any extra revisions beyond 2 will cost $5 per revision.
  • When your website template is completed and installed you will receive an email with all your graphics and html code.  Please save this email in case something accidently gets deleted on your site and you need to reupload.  Scrapless Creations doesn't save the files for you.
  • Scrapless Creations has licenses with different graphics designers and has permission to use their graphics.  These artists still own the copyright on their images.  Scrapless Creations is using them with permission.  Please note that any designer can purchase these images and make their own template with you might see some of the same clipart on another site.  Even if you are purchasing a custom design, someone else might also purchase the same graphics that I may use on your custom design.


What you CANNOT do with your purchase:

  • You cannot remove the Copyright info on items purchase from Scrapless Creations.  This is found at the bottom of the template and shows credit to Scrapless Creations for designing the site and the graphics copyright which give credit to the person who created the graphics.
  • You cannot make yourself new graphics and replace them into the html template that I wrote and coded. 
  • You cannot alter any of the graphics, logos, etc. on items purchased from Scrapless Creations.
  • You cannot remove or change the background colors or images on items purchased from Scrapless Creations.
  • You cannot separate any graphics from your template.  All graphics have to remain on your template.
  • You cannot take any of the images from your template and put them into a different template without my permission.  If I give you permission to do this, there will be a $100 charge.
  • You cannot resell anything that you purchase from Scrapless Creations.
  • Graphics and Designs cannot be distributed or altered in any way.
  • You cannot claim images or designs from Scrapless Creations as your own.



When you purchase a custom design or premade template from Scrapless Creations, you agree to allow Scrapless Creations to:

  • Place your website on the Scrapless Creations Portfolio page that might include a short description of your site and a link to your site.
  • Place your website link on Scrapless Creations Facebook page.
  • Place your website link on forums that Scrapless Creations belongs to.

When I finish your website, I will usually place the link on some or all of these above mentioned places for people to see.  This helps me show people what I can create for designs and also gives your site exposure that can lead to traffic for your site that my generate to sales!

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